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Employees at Facebook no longer receive meals from the company

In Silicon Valley the region where Google, LinkedIn and Facebook have their headquarters, there is a lot of food to be found. On the campuses, food is even free in some cafeterias.

The free sushi, pizzas and sandwiches are increasingly being criticized, because it is at the expense of the other catering companies on campus. That is why Facebook can no longer provide free meals for the employees when they move to the new Silicon Valley office.

Free food

The big tech companies have their reasons for offering free food to the employees. In the competitive labor market it is a means to lure people. They also hope that employees will work longer. It is seen as a popular extra. Employees of Facebook even make jokes about it: The “Facebook 15”, to indicate how many pounds you arrive, surrounded by so much free delicious food. Top chefs work in the companies.

No more free food at Facebook

The city officials have indicated that Facebook is no longer allowed to offer free meals after the move. For example, employees will invest in the local community because they have to leave the office to eat. Local restaurants can benefit from this.

Other tech companies in the region have not received any restrictions on free food. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that this will happen in the future.

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