Spotted: a screen with which you can make holograms

Holograms are technical delights. They come in all kinds of forms. Even the silver piece on your bank card is a hologram. Scientists try to make 3D holograms, and that is successful. The Looking Glass is a screen with a holographic 3D representation. What do you see through this glass?

Looking Glass

The Looking Glass is a glass box that can show 3D holograms. The objects seem to float in the air. This requires a PC or laptop. The box works on the basis of light field and volumetric representation. This first reflects light rays from the 3D object. By means of the volumetric representation the animation object is shown three-dimensionally. It is even possible to interact with the object in the box with the leap motion controller. This is a device that you connect to the computer or laptop and with which you can move around the screen without a mouse.


The aim of the glass is to give 3D-designers insight into what their creations look like. Based on this, they can make adjustments. For example, they can place a model in the [19099006] Looking Glass [195900] and illuminate artificial light. That way they can see exactly where the shadow falls.

Step by step holograms get closer to people’s homes. The makers even think that a hologram can be connected with speech assistants like Alexa, and can communicate with residents.