EA Unveils New Studio Working on Fourth Skate Game

EA has set up a new studio working on the new Skate game. It concerns Full Circle, a studio located in Vancouver, Canada. To date, the publisher has released three games in the Skate series.

Full Circle will become the third Vancouver-based developer alongside EA Sports and Respawn Entertainment. The team of the new development studio is said to be made up of members from all over the world. The team members will work on “the next evolution of Skate,” with the goal of providing an experience that will build on everything the community found special about the previous three installments, the new studio said.

EA announced in June last year that it is working on a new game in the Skate series. At that time, the publisher did not show any images and now images or further details are missing. The Full Circle website shows that the necessary vacancies are still open. It will probably take a while before the new Skate game is ready.

The new studio is headed by a former Xbox Live manager, Daniel McCulloch. On the creative front, Deran Chun and Chris Parry are at the helm. These two developers were also at the basis of the earlier Skate games. It became clear in June that Chun and Parry had been summoned; now it is clear that they are the creative directors of the new studio Full Circle.

The original Skate game and the first in the series came out in 2007. Skate 2 saw the light of day two years later and the last game to date, Skate 3, followed in 2010. The games were more realistic than those from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and were therefore loved by many skaters. The Skate games were made by EA Black Box, but that studio closed down in 2013.

Skate 3 from 2010

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