EA shows teaser of next-gen games, which presumably includes Dragon Age 4

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EA has shown a number of short teasers of games that are being worked on for the next-gen consoles. Below are images of a BioWare fantasy game, presumably Dragon Age 4.

Publisher EA showed a minute of footage during its EA Play event. It includes work from various studios, without mentioning which games are involved. Judging by the images shown from BioWare, it is likely that it is the new Dragon Age game, which the studio confirmed in 2018 to exist. Details about the game are not yet available.

EA also shows images of DICE, Criterion and Motive. The first two are the studios behind the Battlefield and Need For Speed ​​games. The images also show that those studios are working on next-gen versions of games in those series. From Motive, EA shows very early images of a completely new game.

The lack of substantive information suggests that the new games will not be released for the time being. In the announcement, EA also says “it doesn’t want to wait until June next year” with the first details. That seems to indicate that the relevant next-gen games won’t be announced until next year at E3 and will be released sometime after that.

The fragment in question starts around 44:39. The video will start there automatically.

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