EA makes ray tracing for PS5 version F1 2021 available again via patch

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EA has released an update for the racing game F1 2021. In that patch, among other things, ray tracing is re-enabled for the PlayStation 5 version of that game. The company disabled that feature earlier this month due to instability, but this is said to have been resolved.

Update 1.05 for the new F1 racing game has, according to EA, “solved the issues with ray tracing on PlayStation 5,” according to the patch notes. This makes the rendering technology available again for the console. All in all, the feature has been out of action on the PlayStation 5 for just over a week.

The feature was removed from the PS5 version of the game on July 20 due to stability issues caused by ray tracing. EA said at the time that it was a temporary measure and that the company wanted to re-enable the feature as soon as possible. Raytracing is only used for the photo mode in the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of F1 2021, and not during the racing itself. PC gamers can enable the feature while racing.

The new update also improves the Nvidia DLSS implementation of the game, according to Electronic Arts. Patch 1.05 also fixes various bugs and issues and rebalances certain chapters of the Braking Point story mode on the ‘hard’ difficulty setting. The patch is currently rolling out for the PC and PlayStation versions of the racing game. Patch 1.05 will be available “very soon” to Xbox users.

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