E3 confirms its digital event is free to follow

The organization of the E3 confirms that this year’s game fair will be free to follow for interested parties. The fair will be a digital affair this year. There were earlier reports that certain elements would only be accessible after payment.

On Twitter says the Entertainment Software Association that the digital show is a free event for all attendees. The organization has informed the VGC website through a spokesperson that there will be no elements behind a debit card or paywall. The ESA says it will provide more details soon.

This confirmation from the organization follows a message from VGC that the organizer has proposed plans not to charge for some of the event’s content for this year. Multiple sources in the publishing industry said there had been proposals for a $35 premium package for publishers, and on-demand demos wouldn’t be free either.

According to VGC, at least one large, undisclosed game company would have criticized the plans. The game publishers, who have a significant degree of influence and co-finance, should still approve the plans for 2021.

This year’s event will be called Electronic Entertainment Experience and is set to take place the week of June 13. Live streams are expected to last for three days and then an official E3 app will be needed to view further content.