Driver Update: ATi Radeon

TwisteR brought us the news that new Win9x and WinME WHQL drivers are ready for ATi Radeon cards. The update brings better compatibility to the ATi All In Wonder and has fixed a gamma bug.

Use the link below for the Win9x version, if you use Windows Millennium then you must have this.

These new drivers are version 4.12.7075. Unfortunatly there are only Win9x/ME ones up as of right now. They are very similar to the 4.12.7072’s but with reports of better compatibility with the All-in-Wonder and lower CPU usage during video capture and using the TV tuner.

Fixed Issues:

1. Gamma issues fixed (overbright before)

2. Less CPU Usage during capture

Version number 4.12.7075
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website Rage3D