Software Update: GetRight 4.5 Beta 1

GrimLord writes that a new Beta of GetRight is ready. Compared to version 4.3, there are many improvements and bug fixes in 4.5 Beta 1, below are the most important ones:

Various New Features and Fixes in GetRight 4.5: Big New Stuff

  • Added “Mirror Manager” to greatly improve ability to control, add, verify your mirrors for a download. [Under the Options button on
    the downloading window, or Right click on an item on the Download
  • Added “Verify” on Download Status to check the links for all your downloads. (Have gotten a couple crashes while testing this…still tracking them down.)
  • Re-organize the Configuration window to use tree structure. And add or move around a bunch to make better sense.
  • Added to dialer to make much better with different ISPs with different login or proxy settings. [Advanced button on Internet config.]
  • Added some “elapsed time” things in tooltips, if window not closed when download finishes, and in some logs.
  • Added “repeat automatic” option [on Limits config item]† So can just go thru the whole list of any remaining downloads again. Should really help some of the busy server issues (plus have tried fixing the busy server stuff itself…this is a nice extra retry).
  • Added SOCKS proxy support.

Version number 4.5 Beta 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website GetRight