Driver update: ATi Radeon (Win2k)

Otis tipped us off about the new drivers for the ATi Radeon family of video cards. This is only a Windows 2000 driver. You can download it via the indicated link, where you can also find release notes. By the way, the file size is 9.39MB. A few important tips from ATi:

You may experience problems attempting to run DirectX/Direct3D based applications if the monitor type is set to “default” or “unknown”. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to:

the application exiting to the Windows desktop when run

poor performance when running the application

hangs or error messages when running the application

This issue can commonly be resolved by selecting a Windows provided monitor type which matches the monitor in use. Please read “DirectX/Direct3D Applications – problems when monitor type is ‘default’ or ‘unknown'” for additional details.

Version number
Operating systems Windows 2000
Website ati