Driver Update: VIA 4-in-1 Drivers 4.29 Final

Version 4.29 of the VIA 4-in-1 driver, which was previously available as a beta version, is now ‘official’. You can take it down at Electric Tech† The following information about this driver can be found in the accompanying release.doc:

1.Update Via inf version 1.20a .( Add Via inf catalog file )

2.Update via ide miniport driver 3.011 to via pci ide driver 1.04 in win2k

Note: Support Feature.

1.Windows 2000 candidate version If you only install Windows 2000 candidate version, the MS IDE Driver limit the ATA100 feature and only support up to ATA66. It will switch the operation mode of ATA100 mode to PIO mode. After Install Filter Driver, the operation mode of ATA100 device will be decreased to ATA66 only, not to PIO mode.

2.Windows 2000 candidate version plus Service Pack 2 If you install Windows 2000 Service Pack2, the MS IDE Driver begin to support ATA100 feature.The ATA100 device could work with ATA100 mode really. [break] Hmmm… Windows 2000 Service Pack 2?

Version number 4.29
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Electric Tech