Discord app calls voice chat support on PlayStation 5

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It looks like PS5 users will soon have the option to participate in Discord voice chats via their console. The beta version of the Discord smartphone app contains options for this, according to screenshots. Sony and Discord have not yet officially announced the integration.

Screenshots of the integration are published by advaithj1. This Twitter user is more likely to post information about new Discord features, also notes The Verge. The screenshots show that the function is similar in operation to the Discord integration for the Xbox. Users can link their PlayStation account with Discord. Then users will be presented with the ‘Join Voice on PlayStation’ option when joining a voice call. The Discord app specifically talks about voice chat for the PlayStation 5. The feature does not seem to be supported on the PS4.

It is unknown when the voice chat integration will be officially released. Insider Tom Henderson stated in August that the feature would be introduced ‘in the coming months’. The leaker later said the feature will begin in March 2023 is officially expected. However, the notifications in the Discord app suggest that the service will soon be available on PS5 consoles, although that may initially also be a beta. Sony and Discord have not yet shared any information about this.

Sony announced in May last year that it will partner with Discord. The company then said it wanted to integrate “the Discord and PlayStation experiences” early this year. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said the partnership should make it easier to communicate with friends, groups and communities. It has been possible to link PSN accounts to Discord since February, but voice chats were not yet available on the PS5. That will probably change soon. Microsoft recently added support for Discord conversations to its Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles.

Discord PS5 Voice Integration pic.twitter.com/Qsq2JqUDDH

— advaith (@advaithj1) October 23, 2022

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