DICE Removes 128 Player Breakthrough Mode From Battlefield 2042

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EA and DICE will remove the 128-player Breakthrough mode from Battlefield 2042 on Thursday as it is said to be too chaotic, according to the companies. The game mode will remain playable with 64 players and Conquest will also remain available with 128 players.

The 128-player Breakthrough variant will be removed in update 4.1, writes DICE. That patch will be released on Thursday, May 19. The studio claims to have come to that decision while reviewing the game modes in All-Out Warfare. “At 128-player Breakthrough, we feel that the increased intensity and chaos of the battles diminishes the value and impact of an individual player and squad.” The company writes that games with 128 players are better suited to Conquest, partly because that mode has larger playing fields.

According to DICE, in 64-player Breakthrough, players are more likely to “team up and flank the enemy.” In addition, the reduced number of players on the playing field should reduce the chaos. It should also help users ‘hold the front lines more easily and find more space to fulfill their individual roles’.

The Hourglass, Breakaway and Renewal playing fields will remain available as smaller 64-player versions after Update 4.1. Discarded, Manifest, Orbital and Kaleidoscope retain the larger variants originally intended for 128 participants, even as the number of players is reduced. Presumably, the developer does that to spread the players better over the map.

Update 4.1 also brings several bug fixes and game balance adjustments. For example, the damage of specialist Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun is reduced and Angel can no longer give armor plates to other players through his supply bag. Stock weapons should also be easier to control with an improved base recoil. The full patch notes are on the EA website.

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