Developer Creates DOOM Captcha That Requires Shooting Imps

For those who no longer feel like clicking on traffic lights and zebra crossings, the developer Miquel Camps Orteza has good news. He made a Captcha with DOOM as the theme. However, the chances are slim that sites will start using them; with a cheat code the Captcha can be skipped.

In the DOOM Captcha, four imps must be shot with a pistol. These imps don’t move and drop down at the click of a mouse. If the ‘player’ shoots an imp, the next imp appears. Once the four imps are dead, the Captcha is ready. The game uses music and sounds from the original DOOM. However, users cannot enjoy the music for too long; there is a time limit on the Captcha.

Orteza tells PC Mag that he is looking for a job and wants to build a portfolio with such applications. He got the idea last Friday, made the first draft on Saturday morning and published the Captcha the same day.

He does say that people shouldn’t take it too seriously: “If you can program it is quite easy to bypass the Captcha.” The Captcha does not use server side validation to check whether the Captcha has actually been completed. In addition, there is an easier way to bypass the Captcha; the cheat code IDDQD also approves the user.