Desktop Best Buy Guide – Introduction

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The emphasis of this edition of the Best Buy Guide is on small, compact systems. Almost every major component, from video card and motherboard to housing and power supply, is now a high-end, but compact version available. That is why we focus on these small hands-on systems for this BBG and, of course, look at both game systems and a home theater PC. Keep in mind that compact systems are often slightly more expensive than large, equivalent systems.

The BBG team will propose systems for publication in the Complete Systems & Laptops Forum several weeks before publication. Then all forum visitors can give their opinion and discuss changes. When writing and compiling the final BBG we assume the feedback in the aforementioned topics, our own findings, the reviews of fellow hardware sites and the experiences of fellow surfers at the Forum and in the Product reviews .The prices of the various parts are retrieved from the Pricewatch in real time and are therefore subject to change. The prices in the tables are determined at the time of publication. If a component occurs more than once in a configuration, such as the two video cards for a SLI or crossfire system, the total price is taken into account. All prices include VAT.
Please note: not all hardware combinations have been tested. Where possible, we check the correct operation of the various components, but we can not guarantee that all components are 100% compatible.

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