Delete Siri calls so that Apple does not listen

It was quite a riot this summer. Apple appears to have listened to and analyzed many Siri conversations. With the intention of improving the speech assistant, but they should have been more transparent about that. Don’t you want someone from Apple to hear your conversations? Since a recent update you can better protect your privacy. This way you can delete Siri calls.

Do not cooperate with analysis

  • Open Settings on the iPhone.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Tap “Analysis and improvements”
  • Set the switch behind “Improve Siri and dictation” to gray.

Apple will no longer hear your interactions with Siri.

Delete Siri calls

In addition to the above, you can also delete the already recorded conversations with Siri. You do it like this:

  • Open Settings on the iPhone.
  • Tap “Siri and search.”
  • Tap “Siri and dictation history” and “Delete Siri and dictation history.”

It is a rather vague story, because Apple reports below that the history is not really deleted, but that it is no longer associated with your iPhone. It remains a difficult thing, privacy.