Death Stranding is coming to PC on June 2nd

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions will make Death Stranding available for PC users on June 2. The title will be released to both Steam users and the Epic Games Store on that date.

505 Games reports that the PC version includes a photo mode and has support for your QHD monitors at high frame rates. In addition, cosmetic items based on elements of Valve’s game Half-Life will become available. In addition to Gordon Freeman’s glasses, the iconic head crab from the 1998 shooter is available, as well as Alyx Vance’s gloves from the upcoming VR title Half-Life: Alyx.

Death Stranding came out last November for the PlayStation 4. It was already known that a PC version of the game would be coming; the exact release date has only just now been announced. Death Stranding costs 60 euros on both Steam and the Epic Games store.

The post-apocalyptic game world of Death Stranding revolves around cities that have become isolated from other cities and therefore from society after a catastrophic event. It is up to the player to restore the connection between the isolated cities.