Death Stranding Director’s Cut with Story Expansion Coming September 24

The Director’s Cut version of Death Stranding will be released on September 24 for PlayStation 5. The game features several improvements, such as upgraded melee combat, a new weapon that gives electric shock, a shooting range and a race track. In addition, the story is expanded.

The extended version has been remastered for the PlayStation 5, according to Sony, and will receive additional weapons, gear, vehicles, gameplay modes and missions. The game’s story has also been expanded, although Kojima Productions is not yet saying how much it has been extended. The trailer is said to contain ‘clues’ for the extended story. The trailer shows, among other things, new environments and a prototype bridge baby.

Furthermore, the game’s interface has been adapted for the current-gen console. Examples of the new game modes include a Firing Range where players can improve their shooting skills. There is also a Fragile Circuit race mode, where players can race against others on multiple tracks.

The Director’s Cut also features mounted machine guns and new ways to move goods around the map. For example, there is a catapult to shoot goods through the air, a support skeleton and a buddy bot. Users can sit on that robot, or give it more cargo to wear. In addition, there is a springboard to jump over obstacles with a motorcycle and there are new story missions.

The game can also handle the improved triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller, there is support for 3D Audio and the game offers players a choice of two picture modes. Performance Mode offers upscaled 4k playback and up to 60fps, while Fidelity Mode offers native 4k.

Sony says there are more improvements to the game; this is how Friend Play and Leaderbords are talked about. The publisher will announce more about this later. The company does announce that PS4 save games can be brought to the PS5 and that owners of the PS4 version can upgrade to the PS5 Director’s Cut for ten euros.