D-Link releases Wi-Fi bridges for long-distance connections up to 20 kilometers

D-Link brings two new Wi-Fi bridges for long-distance connections. The DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 have a range of five and twenty kilometers for transfer speeds of up to 867Mbit/s. The bridges are intended for outdoor use and are waterproof.

The Long Range Wireless AC Bridges DAP-3711 and the dish-shaped DAP-3712 have a bi-directional high-gain antenna of 15 and 23 dBi. This gives them a range of 5 km and 20 km respectively. According to D-Link, the bridges are mainly intended for outdoor use, for example for video surveillance or hotspots in remote locations. They both have an IP66 certification and a surge protection of 8kV. Also, both models support Power-over-Ethernet and come with a PoE injector.

The bridges have a maximum transfer rate of 867Mbit/s at 5GHz. The connections are secured with 128-bit-wpa2-personal and -wpa2-enterprise. The bridges also have time-division multiple access or TDMA technology on board. This synchronizes connections by dividing data packets and sending them in a kind of time slots, so that the bandwidth can be optimized.

From the end of August, the D-Link DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 are for sale for suggested retail prices of 169 and 202 euros respectively.

D-Link DAP 3712