D-Link releases USB adapter for Wi-Fi 6 for 55 euros

D-Link will release its USB adapter with Wi-Fi 6 support at the end of September for a suggested retail price of 55 euros. The DWA-X1850 achieves speeds of up to 574Mbit/s on 2.4GHz and up to 1200Mbit/s on 5GHz. It is the second USB adapter with Wi-Fi 6 on the market.

The D-Link DWA-X1850 has a USB 3.0 connection and weighs 23.6 grams. The WiFi adapter has dimensions of 95.5x30x12.7mm and an integrated antenna. It is a Wi-Fi stick with support for Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax. Furthermore, the adapter offers WPA3, MU-MIMO and Ofdma.

D-Link announced the DWA-X1850 at the CES electronics show early this year and is now reporting that the Wi-Fi adapter will be released at the end of September. ASUS announced its USB-AX56 at the same show, which has similar capabilities. That USB adapter with Wi-Fi 6 has two fold-out antennas and has been on sale for about a hundred euros for a few months now.

Wi-Fi 6 products have been around for several years, but USB adapters with 802.11ax support have been a long time coming. M.2 or PCIe form factor variants have been around for some time and more are available.