FCC approves six Pixel 6 models with differences in 5G and uwb support

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The American FCC has approved six different variants of the Google Pixel 6 smartphones. The models differ in support of 5G and ultrawideband. Google has talked about two models so far.

It seems that there will be three variants of the Pixel 6 and also three variants of the Pixel 6 Pro, Android Police speculates based on the listings. GSMArena listed the models and it appears that there are two models that support mmWave frequencies and have ultrawideband on board. There is also a model that does support mmWave, but not uwb, and one that does not support mmWave, but does support uwb.

The support for mmWave frequencies is especially important in the United States and South Korea, where carriers use the high frequencies to achieve high speeds. Due to the limited range, many providers in other countries do not yet have a mmWave network. In the Benelux, 5G only works at lower frequencies.

Uwb is intended for locating and connecting devices. Trackers, such as the Apple AirTags and Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag+, work with uwb. Google has already announced that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be released this fall. Google is already actively promoting the phones with advertising campaigns in the US and Japan, and has already put the phones in the Store. An announcement with details about specifications, release dates and prices will follow later.

Model MmWave-5G Uwb Wi-Fi 6E
GLU0G new Yes Yes
G9S9B Yes (n260, n261) new Yes
G8V0U Yes (n258, n260, n261) Yes Yes
GF5KQ Yes (n258, n260, n261) Yes Yes
GB7N6 new new Yes
GR1YH new new Yes
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