Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen update improves driving model and makes city more alive

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CD Projekt RED has released patch 1.5 for Cyberpunk 2077 on all platforms. The game will receive a graphical upgrade for the Xbox Series X and S and the PlayStation 5, but also content improvements. The PC version gets benchmarks and FSR support.

Developer CD Projekt RED is showing footage of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions of the game on YouTube. The description states that after the update, the game will run with a dynamic 4k resolution and have faster loading times. There is a choice of a 60fps mode and a 30fps mode with ray tracing applied to local shadows. The Playstation 5 version also has support for the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The Xbox Series S version will not get a 60fps mode, but the game will run at a dynamic 1440p resolution at 30fps after the update.

The upgrade for current generation consoles is available to anyone who owns the console version of the game. PlayStation 5 users will need to download a new PS5 version of the game and manually transfer their PS4 save game.

Graphics settings Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5

Free Trial

A free trial of Cyberpunk 2077 is now also available on consoles. Players can play it for five hours in a period of up to thirty days. If players purchase the game after that, the progression will be saved.

In a stream on Twitch, CD Projekt RED shows and discusses the other improvements coming with patch 1.5. According to the makers, the AI ​​of NPCs and enemies has been improved. Characters in the city react to aggressiveness from the player, for example. They can flee or counterattack. Cars also react to violence. If the player shoots at the street, cars in the area will speed away. Enemies should react smarter to what the player is doing after implementing the patch. The developers say that “a lot of small changes” have been made to improve the quality of the gameplay and make the city more alive.

Improved driving behaviour

Furthermore, the driving model of cars and motorcycles has been adapted. All vehicles should therefore feel different and more predictable. Making burnouts is easier and drifting is also an option. Braking would also be better, thanks to the simulation of ABS. Players get to see more of the environment and dashboard when using the first-person perspective. This perspective should be usable on all vehicles after the patch.

CD Projekt RED has also overhauled Cyberpunk 2077’s perk trees. After updating to version 1.5, players will have to redistribute their perks. The creators say that “meaningless” perks have been removed and tweaks have been made to improve balance during combat.

Deepening relationships

In addition, players can deepen relationships further, the developers say. There are more options for sending messages. The game’s economy has also been modified. Players get bigger rewards and for example cars have become cheaper. Also added are new weapons and items available from the in-game merchant.

The game will also have an option to ignore incoming calls from NPCs. Players will then later receive a text message from the relevant character and can still get started with the associated side mission. Players can also customize their character’s appearance. This works through the mirror in the player’s apartment. In addition, players will have the option to rent four new apartments.

Support for AMD FSR has been added to the PC version and the game gets a benchmark option in the menu. A complete list of changes in Cyberpunk 1.5 can be found on the developers’ website. Patch 1.5 is available immediately for all platforms.

Overview of patch 1.5 improvements per platform

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