Cooler Master shows SFX power supplies with PCIe 5.0 connection and 80 Plus Platinum

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Cooler Master announces several new SFX power supplies. These have powers of 1100W and 1300W and both have an 80 Plus Platinum certification and a PCIe 5.0 connection for GPUs.

The V1100 SFX Platinum and V1300 SFX Platinum are 100mm long, 125mm wide and 63.5mm high and feature a 92mm fan. The two PSUs also both get a PCIe 5.0 connection, which is intended for future video cards.

The PCIe 5.0 connector has 16 pins and can deliver a maximum power of 600W, although Cooler Master does not mention any concrete power for the connection with its new power supplies. To illustrate, the 12-pin connector that Nvidia uses for some of its GeForce RTX 30 Founders Editions is good for up to 450W. The power supplies also receive three 6+2 pin connections for video cards, two EPS connections for CPUs, an ATX connector with 24 pins and three SATA connections.

The power supplies are also 80 Plus Platinum certified, which means that the power supply must offer at least 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. The manufacturer also mentions a 10-year warranty. Cooler Master also makes larger SFX-L variants of the V1100 and V1300 available, which have a 120mm fan. The power supplies are supplied with an ATX adapter, so that they can be mounted in regular housings. Cooler Master has not yet announced what the power supplies will cost or when they will be released.

The Cooler Master V1300 SFX-L Platinum and V1100 SFX Platinum

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