Nvidia Shield TV 9.0.1 update should fix issues with Plex servers and storage

Nvidia is releasing a Shield Experience 9.0.1 update for its Shield TV media players. This update should fix several issues introduced with version 9.0.0, including issues with Plex servers and storage.

Nvidia posts the patch notes of the Shield Experience 9.0.1 update on its forum. The company writes that the update should fix problems with Plex Media Server. The new version should also fix issues with storage permissions for media players, file browsers and emulators. In addition, content with interlacing would no longer ‘stutter’. Several other bugs have also been fixed.

Many of these issues were introduced in the previous major Shield TV Experience update, version 9.0.0. The switch was made to Android TV 11. With that upgrade, the storage system of the OS was adjusted, among other things, and that could cause problems with various apps.

Nvidia previously released a hotfix that resolved some of these issues. However, that hotfix was not rolled out over-the-air. Instead, users had to manually opt-in to the patch and rollbacks to previous versions were not possible after that hotfix was installed. Shield Experience 9.0.1 will be made available on a large scale. The company reports to 9to5Google that the update will be rolled out to all Shield TV devices in “the next few days.”

Nvidia released Shield Experience 9.0.0 on January 12 for all of its Shield TV media players, including the original 2015 models. The update added, among other things, new privacy features and a revamped Gboard keyboard with built-in speech-to-text functions. The media players also received support for the aptX audio codec and new Android security updates, Nvidia reported. Also, the connection to Bluetooth devices may be automatically disconnected after the update when the Shield TV is put into sleep mode.

Image via Nvidia