Cyan Worlds announces remake of puzzle game Riven

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Cyan Worlds is working on a remake of Riven, a game that appeared 25 years ago on Monday. In the remake, players can move freely through the game world, unlike the original. No release date has yet been announced.

The developers emphasize that the new Riven game will go beyond a remaster and thus be made from scratch. It is not yet known whether the game can also be played as a point-and-click game, just like the original. The developers say they will share more about this later.

When the game should be released and for which platforms, it is also not yet known. The makers do say that buyers of the original should also purchase the remake. This will not be available as a free update for the original.

Riven originally appeared on October 31, 1997 for PC and consoles as the successor to Myst. Both games are made by Cyan Worlds, the studio that also makes the remake. This company already released a remake of Myst last year, using modern techniques such as FidelityFX Super Resolution and ray tracing.

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