Creative Commons releases image search engine

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The Creative Commons organization has released an image search engine with CC Search. The search engine draws from sources containing Creative Commons licensed images. Flickr is by far the largest supplier.

On the CC Search website, users can find images with Creative Commons licenses and images that are in the public domain. The search engine searches over 300 million images via open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset. Nearly all of the footage comes from Flickr; 289 million images are searchable via the api of that website. CC Search also searches the databases of various museums, including the Rijksmuseum and other websites such as Thingiverse and DeviantArt.

For now, CC Search is only suitable for searching images, but in the future it should also be possible to find text and audio. The goal of the Creative Commons organization is to eventually make all 1.4 billion works that have a CC license searchable. The new search engine is the successor of an old search portal. The old version can still be accessed via another page.

The images that can be found with the search engine can, for example, be used by bloggers or in publications. However, the stated CC conditions must be met. For example, it could be a name.

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