Creators rename to Home Assistant and Home Assistant Core

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The open source automation platform Home Assistant is getting a new name. The service now calls the Python application Home Assistant Core, while the operating system is given the name Home Assistant.

The makers of the project write in a blog post that they want to better distinguish between the two types of applications in this way. Home Assistant is a Python application. It can be run separately in, for example, a Docker container or installed as an operating system on, for example, a Raspberry Pi. In summary, the latter is called According to the makers, that distinction is too complicated for many new users and the system is therefore given a different name.

The system, which is best known and most frequently used by most users, is now simply called Home Assistant. The underlying system that used to be called Home Assistant is now called Home Assistant Core. According to the makers, nothing else changes to the application itself. “This is only about renaming the applications and does not affect the functionality of projects.” Home Assistant is an open source platform that allows users to control and automate all kinds of IoT applications. The project recently released version 0.104.3.

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