To create a poll, you just enter the Polls for WhatsApp website. There you will get a predefined template for the poll. All you need to do is enter your details to create your own poll. You can simply insert your question and add the options for it. By default, it shows you two choice fields, but you can add two more to make it four. You can also add your name at the top if you wish. Then the poll length that provides a validity. The form is no longer available after the time period you specify in the survey length section.

When you make a pill, this service gives you two options for sharing the poll. These options are:

  • Share poll along with choices: This contains the full poll with a link for each option.
  • Only share the poll link: This only shares the poll question with a link to the poll.

You can copy and paste this to the WhatsApp group yourself or use the dedicated button to share them on WhatsApp.