Multiple Sysinternals tools have been ported to Arm

Microsoft has made the Sysinternals Suite for ARM64 available. The suite consists of multiple tools that have been ported to Arm, including AutoLogon, Process Explorer and Procdump.

Mark Russinovich, the original maker of the system tools for Windows, announced the release of the Sysinternals Suite for ARM64. Users can download the tools for Arm systems in a zip file. Among the ports are AutoLogon v3.1, Autoruns v13.98, ClockRes v2.1, DebugView v4.9, DiskExt v1.2, Procdump v10.0, Process Explorer v16.32, RegDelNull v1.11, VMMap v3.26, WhoIs v1.21 and ZoomIt v4.52.

Not all Sysinternals tools have ported to ARM64 yet, Process Monitor and Sysmon for example not yet. Sysmon did get an update to version 12.0. The update brings, among other things, support for clipboard monitoring. Process Monitor also received an update to version 3.60. Users can select multiple filter items after the update.

With Sysinternals, power users can manage, troubleshoot and diagnose Windows systems. The suite has its origins in the website NTInternals, which came online in 1996. In 2006 Microsoft took over the company behind Sysinternals. Ports of some Sysinternals tools for Linux already appeared in 2018.