Cray will deliver CS500 clusters for supercomputers with AMD Epyc processors

Supercomputer manufacturer Cray will deliver its CS500 clusters from this summer with AMD Epyc processors from the 7000 series, which have up to 32 cores. Currently, Cray is equipping those systems with Intel Xeon processors.

Cray does not yet provide exact specifications of the CS500 clusters with Epyc processors but says it will use cpu’s from the Epyc 7000 series . The top models in this series have 32 cores and can work on 64 threads using simultaneous multithreading . Eight DDR4 memory channels are available per processor, allowing configurations with a lot of memory.
Each 2U chassis in a CS500 cluster can be equipped with four nodes each containing two sockets. When using processors with 32 cores, this results in 256 cores per 2U chassis. Cray delivers the systems in different sizes and configurations, making the total number of available cores different.
Cray not only sets AMD Epyc processors in its CS500 clusters, but also optimizes its software environment for the AMD processors. According to AMD, it is the first manufacturer to do that. American Cray is a major player in the supercomputers market. CS500 clusters with Epyc processors must be available from summer.