Company of Heroes board game hits Kickstarter goal

Board game developer Bad Crow Games has reached its Kickstarter goal for a Company of Heroes board game. The board game includes four factions to play with and the ability to collect resources to obtain new buildings or upgrades.

The Bad Crow Games board game has already more than doubled its original Kickstarter goal of $100,000 with 21 days to go. Players can choose from four factions including England, the Soviet Union, Germany and the United States. Elements from the PC game are also coming to the board game. For example, there is a so-called ‘fog of war’, the environment can be used as a shelter and there is a possibility to flank and use tactics with multiple units.

The game can be played in real-time or in turn, and players can collect ‘resources’ such as fuel, manpower and ammunition. Units and buildings can be purchased with these resources. Players can upgrade units by ‘spending’ the ammo resource for weapon upgrades and combat experience for veteran capabilities. Furthermore, commanders can be chosen for each faction. The further the player upgrades this commander, the more special units and abilities he unlocks.

The standard set contains 32 vehicles, 150 infantry units, 55 dice, 44 figure trays, 120 markers and 12 production tiles. Upgrade sets are available for players who want more. For example, there is a ‘Solo + Co-op’ addition, in which players have to go through ten scenarios and a free game system is added. There is also an ‘Elite Commanders Collection’ that gives players vehicles and commanders that did not fit into the standard set.

There are also so-called ‘Stretch Goals’ for when the Kickstarter yields more than expected. The board game developer does indicate that the standard set is also complete without these additions. The standard set starts at 99 dollars, converted about 87 euros, and the price goes up to 200 dollars, converted about 177 euros, for the most complete edition. The board game is expected to be released in May 2020.

It’s not Bad Crow Games’ first board game. For example, there was previously ‘Mech Command RTS’, a party game in which players have to fight against each other with robots. These robots have built-in LEDs with which the robot’s field of view can be viewed.