Chrome is going to ban adblockers

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If it’s up to Google, only business users of Chrome will have access to adblocker extensions in the future. That writes 9to5Google. There was already a fuss in January when Google announced changes that would make certain adblockers no longer work efficiently.

It does not look like it is a loose mess of the tech company. The proposal, called Manifesto V3 contains a major transformation to Chrome extensions including a renewal of the authorization system.

In concrete terms, it means that adblockers that use Chrome’s webRequest API are blocked by Manifest V3 before they request to block an advertisement.

Not enthusiastic

The news is received with a lot of grumbling by Chrome users. Many of them complain that they are taking control of the use of the browser and how they surf the internet. This provides an incentive to use a browser from another developer where adblockers still work.

As mentioned earlier Google seems to be making this change stiff. This of course because Google ads are a source of income. But does it make sense to implement something if you put all your Chrome users in the arms of a competitor?

What now?

Switching to another browser is possible for everyone, although you will have to get used to it. Or you can wait and see for yourself what exactly will happen and what influence it has on your surfing behavior on the internet. Or go to the world wide web without an adblocker.

Google has sent the following statement by email to a number of media: “Chrome supports the use and development of adblockers. We are actively working with the developer community to get feedback and continue designing a privacy policy Content filtering system that limits the amount of sensitive browser data that is shared with third parties. “

Perhaps it is worth it to give Brave a chance, which is built on Chromium which means that all existing plugins must work.

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