Chrome extensions must indicate which data they collect from next year

From next year, Chrome extensions must immediately indicate which data they collect from users and how that data is used. Extensions that do not display this information will be removed by Google.

Google is coming with a new policy that takes effect on January 18 of next year, the company writes in a blog post. On the page of the Web Store where the extensions can be downloaded, users will from that moment find an extra tab where the information will be placed. According to Google, this should be written in ‘clear, easy to understand language’. It is about the type of data that is collected and what the developer does with that data. Users can click on headings to get more information about them.

The information must be provided by developers themselves. Google will not automatically check whether the texts match the data actually collected by the extensions. If developers have not entered any data, this will be added. Starting in March, Google will give developers a month to add the information. If they don’t, the company can remove the extensions, Google writes in a faq.

Google has also adjusted its privacy rules for extensions at the same time. It remains illegal to resell collected data directly, but Google now adds that it is not allowed to collect data for the purpose of serving personalized ads. The data may also only be used for the purpose for which the extension is intended.

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