Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix wins League of Legends World Championship

The Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix has won the final of the League of Legends world championship. The team won 3-0 against European G2 Esports. With this, the championship was won by China 3-0 for the second year in a row.

Many analysts and fans expected a profit for G2 Esports, the official game website states. The team won the European Championship earlier this year and appeared to be in top form during the World Cup; during the group stage, the team only lost a single round before beating the SK Telecom T1 in the quarter-finals. In the final, however, the team lost 3-0 to the Chinese FunPlus Phoenix. FPX is a relatively new team, which was founded in 2018. The team made its debut in the Chinese LPL, where the quintet tied for seventh place outside the prize money. In December last year, players Doinb and Tian joined the team. The team now has its first world title in its pocket.

The League of Legends World Cup has been the largest esports event in the world for years. Last year, about 99.6 million people watched the livestream of the final. According to e-sports expert Ward Geene, that number has been surpassed this year, NOS writes. Geene expects that the livestream will be watched a lot from China and Europe, as there were a European and a Chinese team in the final. The AccorHotels Arena in Paris was filled with about fifteen thousand spectators.

It is still unknown how much prize money the Chinese team will bring in with the win. Developer Riot Games has made approximately 2 million euros available for the total prize pool, of which the winner receives 37.5 percent. The rest of the prize pool is funded through microtransactions. Last year the total prize money amounted to 5.85 million euros, of which the winning team Invictus Gaming received almost 2.2 million euros.