Will this be the biggest Instagram event ever?

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are the largest stars in Italy at the moment. The couple is a match made in heaven: she Instagram model of the first hour, he singer / rapper and with his fully under tattooed looks a striking appearance. Together they are good for more than 20 million followers (as we speak, because in their case it only keeps rising). Their whole lives are shared on Instagram, with dozens of stories per day. But now the Ferragnez – as they call themselves together – are getting married. It promises to be the largest Instagram event ever, with the first photo of Chiara in her wedding dress of course as a potential like record.

The Ferragnez

Chiara Ferragni started a blog and Instagram account years ago called The Blonde Salad. Meanwhile she has built a complete empire around her, with a clothing line, jewelry, make-up and shoes, branded by Chiara. It is a million company with dozens of people, led by Chiara on Instagram. Social media is her work, and if you get married, then that is of course the perfect opportunity to give your account even more visibility. Singer Fedez came into the picture not so long ago, but the two already have a son (the most-posted Instagram baby ever) and are ready for the next step: getting married. The proposal was made for the eyes of thousands of people – during a performance Fedez went on the stage on his knees.

Like everything in the life of the Ferragnez, the wedding is also reported live via Instagram Stories. Just the approach to it is bizarre to follow, but also depends on sponsorship. They are smart business people, the Ferragnez. The event takes place in Sicily and the whole world is a guest. So you too. You only have to open Instagram to be there. If you do not have enough of the accounts of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez then there is always the hashtag #theFerragnez to also follow the posts of their guests . You can at least say that you’ve been live at the biggest Instagram event ever.