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Boeing finds another bug in software 737 Max

Another software problem has been found with the troubled Boeing 737 Max. Technicians recently discovered that there is a bug in the software that could prevent the aircraft from taking off. The 737 Max devices have been on the ground for some time after crashes.

Boeing employees have opposite The Wall Street Journal confirmed that again problems have been found with the 737 Max and that a solution is being worked on. The bug is in the flight computers, where due to an error it may not start up in some cases and cannot verify that the device is ready to take off. As a result, the 737 Max can have problems taking off.

Although a software update is being worked on, it is not yet known when it will be released. Initially Boeing wanted to do a test flight at the end of this month to re-certify the 737 Max, but it seems likely that this timeline is now being compromised. This certification may not be available until next month, although this does not mean that the 737 Max may also be launched again afterward.

In Europe, the regulator has drawn up a number of points that Boeing must comply with before the device can be launched again. There is also a problem with the autopilot, which in some cases could not be switched off.

Boeing came under fire with his 737 Max after two crashes in which the so-called MCAS system played a role. This Boeing admitted the problems with this anti-withdrawal system and already had a software solution ready in May. Boeing, however, continued to be in the news, partly due to the way it had developed the software and the way it dealt with pilots who requested an update of the system after the first crash. Boeing also denied for a long time that extra training was needed because of the MCAS system. This eventually led to the dismissal of CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

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