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Chrome OS seems to get built-in support for smb

“Some other network filesystems are all key network function and authentication is provided in kernel (and changes to mount and / or mount helper file are not required in order to enable the CIFS VFS).”

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Ed: So for the client, Chrome access to existing CIFS shares, therefore only the default Linux kernel is needed, hence the comment that I commented on (‘smb nothing to do with kernel) is completely incorrect.
Of course I do not claim that the kernel is the only thing that is needed, only that SMB has a lot to do with the Linux kernel. If ChromeOS can mount CIFS, and the article is implicitly about half of it, that’s because of the existing cifs.ko module in the kernel that Google uses.
The server support for certain CIFS extensions is the module also needed:
See ‘Samba considerations’ @…n-filesystems-cifs-README

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