Blue and orange iPhone 9 leaked from Apple website

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The Apple keynote is getting closer – tomorrow night is already here. The rumor circuit about the new iPhone models is working overtime. While there is a lot of speculation about the names and specs of the new devices, new pictures of the iPhone 9 circulate on the internet. The new iPhone 9 colors are clearly visible on this.

New page from Apple

The pictures were shared by slashleaks and would come from an unpublished page on the Apple website. It looks pretty authentic at first glance and could just be the iPhone 9 page that goes online after the keynote on September 12.


The iPhone 9 is the cheapest of the three new iPhone models. Other possible names that do the round for this device are the iPhone Xr and the iPhone Xc . In the latter name, of course, ‘iPhone 5c’ sounds, a rather budget device from Apple. The 5c was available in various bright colors. Also the new budget device that Apple presents tomorrow, would be available in various colors, and that can be seen on the leaked webpage.

iPhone 9 colors: Spicy Orange and more

On the image you see the back of five iPhones. With four of them the name is legible. You will soon have the choice between Space Gray, Red, Spicey Orange and Cobalt Blue. At the far left is also a device where the name is not legible, but it looks like a golden iPhone. Furthermore, it is striking that the device is equipped with a single camera.

iPhone 9: included accessories

On another photo of the page are some more iPhone 9 details to see. The device would be delivered with EarPods with Lightning connector, a Lightning-to-USB-c cable and a USB-AC adapter (18 W). That means that the iPhone is standard equipped with material with which you can quickly charge it.


There are a few things that make us doubt the reliability of the image. There is talk about the color ‘Space Gray’, while the American name of this device is ‘Space Gray’. On the English site it is also Gray with an e, but in one way or another it is less obvious that the pictures come from here.

Secondly the name. According to the first image, the new device would be called ‘iPhone 9’. That name is indeed used by the media to indicate the budget device, but is actually not logical at all. If only for marketing reasons – who wants to buy an iPhone 9 a year after the appearance of the iPhone 10? There is much more to say for the aforementioned Xr and Xc. Tomorrow at the keynote we finally get clarity!


Wednesday, September 12, we hear more about the new iPhone 2018 models. Besides the iPhone 9, these are the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max . Apple then gives a keynote. If you want to stay informed, follow us on Twitter via @icreate_EN . Or sign up for our newsletter – on the evening of the keynote you will receive a digital guide about iOS 12 as a gift.

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