Aya Neo Showcases Neo 2 And Slide Handhelds With RDNA 2 GPU And Air With Ryzen 5000 Apu

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In a press conference, Aya Neo shared more information about three upcoming handheld PCs: the Aya Neo 2, the Neo Slide and the Neo Air. The Neo 2 and the Slide will use Ryzen 6000 apus. That’s a first for Aya. The Air should become a more affordable handheld.

Aya Neo 2 and Neo Slide with RDNA 2 graphics

The Neo 2 will use an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor with an AMD Radeon 680M on board. That GPU uses the same RDNA 2 architecture as the GPU in the Steam Deck. Furthermore, Aya Neo has informed that the Neo 2 uses LPDDR5-6400 memory, storage has a PCI Express 4.0 bus at its disposal, a fingerprint reader is present and the USB ports meet the USB 4.0 spec. A price and a release date shared Aya Neo in his Chinese press conference not about his Windows handhelds. Other specs are also missing.

Image: Aya Neo via Liliputing

The Neo slide will utilize the same apu as the Neo 2, including RDNA 2 graphics. It is also known that the screen of the Slide can slide up after which the keyboard underneath is exposed. That keyboard has RGB lighting. The price of the Slide is also not yet known, but Aya Neo classifies the Slide and Neo 2 under the flagship denominator. For context, the 2021 Aya Neo costs $1015, so a similar price is to be expected.

Image: Aya Neo via Liliputing

The Aya Neo Air: ‘Budget Friendly’ Option With Ryzen 5000 Series Apu

As previously leaked, the smaller and lighter Aya Neo Air will have an unspecified Ryzen 5000 APU and an OLED screen that can display 109% of the NTSC color space. In benchmarks, the Air has to hit 60 fps in indie games. In triple A games that is more 30fps on low settings. The weight comes in at less than 420 grams and is almost as thin as a Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Neo Air also has 2 USB-C ports, a 3.5mm audio jack connection and an SD card reader. This model should be released this month for an as yet undisclosed price. In any case, it will be sold in black and white, but other colors will follow.

Image: Aya Neo via Liliputing

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