‘Audi does not want to introduce cars with a combustion engine after 2026’

From 2026, Audi would only introduce electric cars. From then on there would be no new cars with combustion engines and no new hybrid models. The last car with a combustion engine would be a Q model, which Audi will introduce in 2026.

The plans would mean that the Audi A3 and A4 models will no longer have direct successors. The German manufacturer would redesign these models and introduce electrically powered variants under a different name. Der Spiegel and the Suddeutsche Zeitung write this on the basis of statements from sources within the company.

In 2026, Audi would like to introduce another urban all-terrain vehicle with a combustion engine, a Q model, but after that the company would announce exclusively electric cars. The Audi Q in question would then be sold until the early 1930s. The plan would have been drawn up after the new CEO of the company, Markus Duesmann, took office a year ago and Herbert Diess, of parent company Volkswagen, was also involved, according to reports.

Manager Magazin, also German, writes that competitor Daimler wants to accelerate its plans for the introduction of electric Mercedes-Benz cars. This company would like to introduce some models that were on the roadmap for 2024 a year earlier.

Schematic drawing of the Audi e-tron GT . presented this year