Websites hosted at Yourhosting are unreachable due to malfunction – update 3

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Yourhosting has a malfunction, which means that websites hosted by the party cannot be reached. The company’s own website is also unreachable. According to customers, the hosting provider’s DNS servers are down.

On Twitter confirms Yourhosting that there is a malfunction in ‘the systems’. A customer states there that all three DNS servers of the company are down, making websites inaccessible. The status page of Yourhosting was therefore also not accessible, just like the other websites and services of the company.

According to, the problems started around 10:30 a.m. The website received hundreds of reports. Yourhosting claims to have 160,000 customers, who have registered more than 1 million domain names.

Update 11:30: the status page is now accessible. Yourhosting then reports that there is a ‘major malfunction’ on all its services.

Update 2, 12:33 PM: Yourhosting now speaks of a ‘partial malfunction’ and says it has been the victim of a DDOs attack.

Update 3, 13:46: According to Yourhosting, most systems are working again. Only the DNS servers still have a ‘partial failure’.

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