Asus GTX Titan Black and GTX 790 cards with 6GB appear in webshops

Two new Nvidia cards from Asus have appeared in the range of some web shops, about which only rumors have been circulating until now. It concerns the GeForce Titan Black Edition and the GeForce GTX 790. Both cards are equipped with 6GB gddr5.

Rumors have been circulating about both cards for several weeks and the arrival of the cards seems to have been confirmed with the inclusion in two web shops. The web shops do not offer specifications, but Videocards has already released them. The GeForce Titan Black Edition would be almost identical to the GTX 780 Ti, but with 6GB instead of 3GB gddr5. Also, the card would offer twice as much double precision computing power through an increased number of FP64 cores. The Asus GTX Titan Black-6GD5 is for sale at a Scandinavian shop for 974.90 euros.

In addition, there is the Asus GTX 790-6GD5. The Eastern European webshop where this card is located also does not report any specifications, but it can be deduced from the name that 6GB gddr5 is present. Videocardz previously wrote that it is a dual-gpu card with two GK110 GPUs, each of which has 2496 active cuda cores and the memory interfaces would be 320bit wide. The claim of 10GB gddr5 that the site then brought, therefore, does not seem to be correct. The card is for sale at the Russian site for 48,470 rubles, converted 1024 euros.

Incidentally, the new version of GPU-Z has already added support for the GTX Titan Black. Except with the GTX Titan Black Edition and the GTX 790, Nvidia seems to be coming with the GTX 750 Ti. This midrange card would have a new Maxwell GPU.