League of Legends has 27 million players every day

Worldwide, 27 million gamers log in to League of Legends every day. In October 2012, that was ‘only’ 12 million. That equates to an average increase of one million players per month.

At peak times, 7.5 million people play the game, US developer Riot Games told The Wall Street Journal. 67 million players log in every month. League of Legends’ major competitor, Dota 2, has 700,000 players at its peak. World of Warcraft had 7.7 million subscribers last year and 12 million in the heyday of the mmorpg. The majority of League of Legends players are located in China.

The digital distribution platform Steam has the same number of users online as League of Legends at its peak, but has a catalog of more than 3,000 games. However, Steam has more active users: 75 million.

League of Legends is basically free to play. The only thing that always has to be paid for is cosmetic upgrades. As far as this income is concerned, things are going well for Riot Games. In 2013, the game grossed $624 million. However, the game does not have the largest yield in its class. The South Korean game CrossFire brings in even more: $957 million.