Microsoft to release details about its cloud computing servers

Microsoft has joined the Open Compute Project. The company promises to make the server designs it uses for its cloud computing platforms publicly available so that other companies can use them as well. Management software is also released.

Microsoft uses the server designs it will release for Bing, Office 365 and its public cloud platform Windows Azure, among others. By joining the Open Compute Project, Microsoft has decided to share its own server designs with others. This allows other companies to build these servers, which often have an optimized and specialist design.

Microsoft says it has joined the Open Compute Project to accelerate the growth of cloud computing. The company expects that with the published server designs, more companies will build hardware for both public and private clouds. In addition, Microsoft promises that it will also release self-developed management software with its Open Technologies.

The Open Compute Project was set up by Facebook. With the arrival of Microsoft, there are now two major internet companies that have made the designs of their cloud platforms public. For the time being, Google and Amazon are holding their cards against their chest.