Apple stops developing Aperture and transfers users to Photos

Apple has announced that the photo-editing software Aperture will not be further developed. The reason for this is the introduction of Photos, an application that Apple will release next year. Development will stop when OS X Yosemite comes out in the fall of this year.

An Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch that with the introduction of Photos, it is no longer necessary to continue developing a separate photo editing application. That’s why Apple is phasing out Aperture and will transition users from the software to the newer Photos software. Development of Aperture will stop when OS X Yosemite is released, a new version of Apple’s operating system due to be released in the fall.

The newer Photos app, announced like OS X Yosemite at the WWDC developer conference earlier this month, is set to release sometime next year. By then, users will be able to transfer their photo libraries created with Aperture to Photos. Apple promises to help with that.

Photos is to replace both Aperture and iPhoto. The software offers integration with iCloud, allowing users to store their photo in Apple’s cloud storage service. Aperture will continue to work when OS X Yosemite comes out this fall.