Apple presents iOS 15 for iPhones and iPadOS 15

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Apple has announced iOS 15 at its own developer conference. The upgrade includes a new system for notifications and profiles. In iPadOS, widgets will be placed on the home screen, among other things.

Notifications get bigger pictures of contacts and icons. In addition, there will be a ‘notification summary’ of notifications that users in the past only interacted with later. Messages from other people will not appear in that summary.

In addition, there will be profiles, a function that was in feature phones around fifteen to twenty years ago. This allows users to choose that only colleagues can send notifications during working hours. The home screen also changes with the profiles. Apple calls those profiles Focus. That status is also synced between devices.

Browser Safari gets extension support and a new design, with the URL bar at the bottom. Swipe allows users to switch between tabs. In addition, there will be a function to group tabs.

A text recognition function will be introduced in the Camera app and the Photos app. That doesn’t work in Dutch yet. In addition, object recognition is introduced to recognize animals, for example. Photos also get a place in the Spotlight search function. You can search by people, location or elements in the photo. In the For You tab are generated videos from photos and movies with music underneath from Apple Music. With Memory Mixes, users can customize that themselves.

Facetime gets support for Spatial Audio, where people’s sound seems to come from where they are on the screen. In addition, there are improvements for audio, such as blocking background noise. In the video, among other things, a grid view is added for seeing all people in a group conversation. There will also be a portrait mode for Facetime.

In addition, users can schedule video meetings via Facetime, which are usable outside the Apple ecosystem. This is done via the browser. In addition, there is Shareplay to consume audio and video together in sync.

The Messages app gains support for other Apple services, such as TV, Safari, Podcasts, News, Photos, and Music. For example, users can share things and remember the apps in a new Shared With You section of those apps.

In addition, there will be support for replacing house keys, badges for offices and hotel rooms with the Ultrawideband Keys feature in the Wallet app. In addition, American driver’s licenses will be added to the Wallet app.

There will also be a Translate app for iPads and iPhones in the operating system. This allows users to translate conversations without having to press any buttons. In addition, there will be an option to translate texts in the menu that already contains cutting and pasting.

The keyboard app gets support for Dutch with QuickPath. This allows users of Apple’s keyboard to swipe to type. The Weather app gets new animations and maps for air quality, at least in the US. The Maps app receives information about height differences and important places, among other things. Navigation shows more information about lanes, zebra crossings and traffic lights. Nodes will be available in 3D in select cities. In addition, there will be a possibility for navigation on foot with augmented reality. That is not happening in the Benelux for the time being. At the end of this year, it will only be in American cities.

The Health app will have a sharing function, in order to share health data with family and friends. There will be a function to monitor the loop with the motion sensor of iPhones. In the US, users can share data with medical professionals.


iPad users can place widgets on the home screen with the new version, something that has been possible on iPhones since iOS 14. There is a larger sized widgets for iPads that developers can add to their apps. Applade App Library Comes to iPads; there will be a button for it on the dock.

The multitasking system has also been addressed. A menu will appear at the top of the screen for opening multiple apps at once. In addition, there is a menu at the bottom that lists all open windows of a particular app.

Apple has added the Quick Note feature. That works with a swipe from the bottom right corner. It allows users to add notes to apps and save them in the Notes app. Notes contain tags and users can name other users to notify them. In addition, there will be an app called Swift Playground, which you can use to make apps for iPads.

In addition, more keyboard shortcuts are coming in iPadOS 15. The first beta of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will be released this week, with a release to follow in the fall. All iPhones and iPads that can run iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will be upgraded to version 15. That includes the iPad Air 2 and newer and the iPhone 6s and newer.

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