Apple Lets Every Mac User Install OS X Test Version

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Every Mac user can download a test version of OS X starting Wednesday. The beta of OS X 10.9.3, which would normally be only for developers, is available to anyone with OS X 10.9 and an Apple ID.

Interested parties can register via the OS X Mavericks Beta site. Participants of the test must agree to terms that ensure that they do not write or publish anything about new features and fixes before they are released. They are also not allowed to talk about it with people who are not part of the beta test. In addition to OS X 10.9.3, participants will have access to iTunes 11.1.6. Both can be downloaded via Software Updates, as usual.

Apple normally only allows beta testing by a small test group or registered Apple developers. To be registered as an Apple developer, someone has to pay $99 a year. It is unknown if Apple will extend the Beta Seed program to other OS X or iOS updates. While it’s notable that everyone gets access to the beta test, this isn’t the first time Apple has allowed it. In 2001, users could use an early version of Mac OS X 10.0 for $30.

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