Xiaomi comes with Apple Magic Trackpad-like mini router

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Phone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced the Mi Router Mini, a router with a design inspired by Apple’s Magic Trackpad. In addition, the Chinese electronics group has shown a new media player that is able to play 4k video.

The Mi Router Mini would communicate according to 802.11ac WiFi, with Xiaomi promising gross speeds of up to 1167Mbit/s. Beamforming, a technology to direct a wireless signal to the receiver, is also available. The design of the Mi Router Mini is striking: the device is very similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad. The compact router with two fold-out antennas and a USB connection is available in various colors. In addition, Xiaomi promises a remarkably low suggested retail price of 129 yuan, or approximately 15 euros.

In addition to the router, Xiaomi also comes with a new media player, the Mi Box Enhanced Edition. The device should be able to play 4k video without any problems. The manufacturer claims that the Mi Box Enhanced Edition has 2GB of RAM and an unspecified quad-core soc. The media player costs 399 yuan, converted slightly more than 46 euros.

Xiaomi also announced the Mi Router. The specifications of this router, including 802.11ac and 1TB internal HDD storage, have been known for some time and the manufacturer also released a DIY kit for the router in a limited edition. The suggested retail price is 699 yuan, just over 80 euros.

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