‘Apple is not going to establish itself with a data center in Groningen’

Apple is not at all busy building a data center in Groningen, as Dagblad van het Noorden reported in December. That is what the director of Groningen Seaports claims, which manages the industrial estate where the computer center would be located.

“Apple is a canard,” answers Harm Post, director of Groningen Seaports, when asked by BNR about Apple’s arrival in Groningen. He thus refutes the reports of Dagblad van het Noorden that Apple is preparing for the construction of a data center in the Eemshaven. It would be a second data center in Eemshaven next to the current location of a computer center used by Google.

“I would be the first to confirm and also go back to my message from just now, but at this time there is no mention of Apple having an office in our region,” Post said. It is not known which sources Dagblad van het Noorden relied on.

The rumor about Apple appeared at the same time as the news that Microsoft has construction plans for the construction of a large data center in Middenmeer in North Holland.