Apple is coming soon with its own credit card

The long-awaited credit card of Apple will soon be on the (American) market. In August the company hopes to be able to offer the card to consumers, CEO Tim Cook said:

“Thousands of Apple employees use the Apple Card every day in a beta test and we start rolling out the Apple Card in August.”

What is so special about Apple’s credit card?

First, you no longer need a physical card, you simply consult the credit card in the Apple Wallet. By the way, there will be a titanium card on the market that you can use worldwide to pay for. According to the company, the card represents everything Apple stands for: simplicity, transparency and privacy. It builds on the convenience and security that users of Apple Pay appreciate, Apple said.

The card does not work the same as a traditional credit card where you have a 16-digit card number, linked to an expiration date and CCV code to be able to pay securely. The Apple Card itself randomly generates a number with every purchase.

The design looks absolutely attractive, in the Apple Wallet you will soon find a dashboard that shows how much you spend and what you have bought. You can then create categories yourself and gain more insight into your spending pattern.

The Apple Card not only generates a unique number with every purchase, it also uses other advanced security technologies from Apple Pay: Face ID, Touch ID and unique transaction codes are built in. . You will also not find any numbers on the physical map.