Apple boss: we don’t have a backdoor for the NSA

Apple has no backdoor for the American intelligence agency NSA. That said CEO Tim Cook in an interview with ABC News. Previously, documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden pointed to this, but according to Cook, many untruths are being proclaimed.

“A lot of what is being said is not true,” Apple CEO Cook told ABC News. “There is no backdoor. The government has no access to our servers,” Cook said. Earlier, other companies, such as Google and Microsoft, denied that the NSA had direct access to its servers under the so-called Prism program.

Cook does plead for more transparency, because he thinks this would lead to more understanding among citizens. “I am very strongly in favor of opening the books and total transparency,” Cook said. At this time, Apple and other technology companies are not allowed to disclose information about cooperation with the intelligence services. The tech companies have already started a lawsuit about this.

Apple previously denied having built backdoors into iOS after whistleblower Snowden leaked slides from 2008 showing the NSA could see inside iPhones.